End-to-End Machine Learning

Brandon Rohrer

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Project courses

Hands-on, project-driven courses for machine learning students and data scientists.. If you are an educator, just send me an email, and I'll set you up to check them out for free.

polynomial regression course

Polynomial Regression

Build your own down dog breed selector

decision trees course

Decision Trees

Build your own transit time predictor

time-series course

Time-series Prediction

Build your own weather predictor


Build your own photo gallery compressor [Under development]

Building Blocks courses

Concepts and skills for building your own end-to-end machine learning projects. All Building Blocks content is 100% free.

how neural networks work course

How Neural Networks Work

how stuff works course

How Other Stuff Works

how optimization works course

How Optimization for Machine Learning Works

model selection course

How to Choose a Model

matplotlib course

Taming Matplotlib (in development)

data munging course

Data Munging Tips and Tricks

And some excellent crowdsourced recommendations for online learning

Professional advice

Just remember what you paid for it.

For Data Decision Makers

This is a no-math zone, focused on the "so what" of data science and machine learning without getting too deep in the weeds.