End-to-End Machine Learning

Brandon Rohrer

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Case Study courses

Application-driven courses for machine learning students and data scientists. If you are an educator, just send me an email, and I'll set you up to check them out for free.

polynomial regression course

Polynomial Regression

  • Code up a robust optimizer from scratch in python.
  • Fit high-order polynomials to real data on dog breeds.
  • Implement Monte Carlo cross-validation to select the best model.
decision trees course

Decision Trees

  • Code up a decision tree in python from scratch.
  • Dynamically construct URL queries for live transit data API.
  • Use Pandas DataFrames to model transit time distributions.
  • Build the model into a command line application.
time-series course

Time-series Prediction

  • Build a command line weather prediction tool from a century of data.
  • Perform data-driven deseasonalization to remove annual weather patterns.
  • Use autocorrelation to extract predicted temperatures.


  • [Under development]
  • Code up a fully connected deep neural network from scratch in Python.
  • Build an autocompressor to extract basis elements of images.

Building Block courses

Short courses focused on specific skills. These can serve as the building blocks for larger-scope case study projects.

neural network visualization course

Neural Network Visualization

  • [Under Development]
  • Use Matplotlib to see what's going on in an autoencoder

Foundation courses

Concepts and skills for building your own end-to-end machine learning projects. All Foundation content is free.

how neural networks work course

How Neural Networks Work

how stuff works course

How Other Stuff Works

how optimization works course

How Optimization for Machine Learning Works

model selection course

How to Choose a Model

matplotlib course

How to Navigate Matplotlib

data munging course

Data Munging Tips and Tricks

data science career advice

Navigating a data science career

data science concepts

Data science concepts

And here are some excellent crowdsourced recommendations for online learning of other topics.